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hotel is not equal to hotel – accommodation not equal accommodation

We offer you any kind of accommodation, according to the orientation to the target groups.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are usually smaller and more luxurious hotels. The first hotels of this kind existed in London and San Francisco in the 1970s. They are decorated with many beautiful details and have a cozy atmosphere.

Design Hotels

These hotels are lifestyle-orientated, trend-conscious, and are especially appealing to design-loving people, but they should not generate constraints. The concepts of such hotels have a holistic approach to architecture, design and service.

Luxury Hotels

Today a luxury hotel can not only be defined by the high features, like the quality of the kitchen, the wine cellar or the size of the spa, but also by the calmness and care which makes the special kind of hospitality.
What the guest wants, and not what the hotel offers are the current messages for the segment of the upscale hotel industry.

Hotels with historical background

Former palaces, monasteries; In some of these buildings famous poets, composers and painters have lived or stayed, and have been inspired by this environment.

Villas and Apartments

For those who prefer private accommodation, we can offer beautiful villas and apartments. Because there are very large differences in the quality of these accommodations, we only offer accommodation that we have visited before.

We offer accommodation from simple to luxurious, accommodation in central locations until secluded romantic corners.

For each traveler or travel group we find the best possible accommodation to the planned budget.