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   We design, organize, coordinate and supervise according to your wishes

Our services

Welcome to Anely Travel


Group Travel

We create and organize for you the entire process of your group travel from the beginning to the end. Hotel accommodation according to your estimated budget, tour packages that match the interest of your customers and transfers. On site we will be always available for you and your tour leaders.


Garden Tours

Campania is a region of Italy that is very spoiled by nature, where you can admire beautifully landscaped gardens. The splendid gardens of Villa Cimbrione and Villa Rufolo in Ravello with the spectacular view of the Amalfi Coast bear witness to this. Among the most beautiful private gardens in Italy are the Mortella Gardens on the island of Ischia, with its varied landscape and healing thermal springs. Also the August gardens on the mundane island of Capri are worth a visit. And there are other gardens and parks that are worth visiting.


Food and Wine

The Campania region is known for its excellent food and its excellent wines, such as the Lacrimacristi that thrives on the slopes of Vesuvius, the Taurasi from the hills and mountains of Irpinia around Avellino. The visit to one of the winery should not be missed in your itinerary. And especially for wine lovers / connoisseur we can offer a special program. Furthermore, we organize cooking classes in which your customers learn how to prepare some Neapolitan dishes and so take some of our food culture to their home.


Hiking Tours

The beautiful hiking trails on the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, is worth to be included in your itinerary. Let your clients participate in the unique landscapes and panoramic views, let them walk on the path of the gods, explore the paths between lemon and olive groves of the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. By request, we will send you for your publication of these journeys detailed descriptions and photos.


Yacht and Boat Rental

To get to know the real beauties of the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, we recommend some excursions with a private sail yacht or motor yacht. The journey along the indescribable beautiful coastline, with its many caves and coves, is definitely a highlight of your trip. Ideal for both individual travelers and small groups up to 15 persons.


Dialysis and Travel

For dialysis patients, we offer a highly qualified medical care in the dialysis centers in Sorrento or Maiori on the Amalfi Coast. For further technical and medical details please do not hesitate to contact us. For this the dialysis patients with their families, relatives and friends can admire our beautiful and culturally interesting country without having to forego a highly qualified medical care. Group travel is also possible.



A lot of excursion packages can be worked out, due to the numerous, closely spaced attractions. First of all the world-famous archaeological excavations of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum and the important but less mentioned excavations, such as Oplontis, the villas of Stabia, Cuma, etc., the impressive scenic Amalfi coast with Positano and Ravello and the coast of Sorrento, the glamorous island of Capri, the thermal baths on Ischia, the impressive palaces and museums of Naples and the Royal Palace of Caserta with its huge park.


Individual Customer

For your individual traveler customers, we can meet all the specific needs and requirements, such as medical care (dialysis …), Genealogy, or simply the desire of the customer to travel alone with a detailed program.


Themed Travel

For associations, clubs and companies, we are able to draw up a specific program, that reflects the interests of these costumers. Even a meeting with local associations which maintain the same interests, would be possible. Choral and concert tours with local performances, pilgrimages, companies travel …

   We design, organize, coordinate and supervise according to your wishes

Impressions of Campania